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How It Works


Connect the data from your website to your ad platforms.

Collecting your customer data directly enables a clear audit trail from click to sale.


Identify which channels and campaigns are generating sales.

Stop wasting money on ads and channels that aren't converting!


Put your ad dollars where they are performing best.

Accurate conversion data enables high performing campaigns.

Stores Using Funnel9

Funnel9 has allowed us to maximize our spend on the channels that are working best while providing important optics to improve under-performing channels. The information we have learned about our customers using Funnel9 has allowed us to make faster, better, and more profitable, marketing and ad spend decisions.
We changed our entire Google Ads strategy based on Funnel9 data and sales are WAY UP! What really amazed us was how concentrated our sales were in just a few campaigns and ads, while others were total losses.
Funnel9 gave us visibility into the "black box" of Facebook advertising. Having campaign and ad-level data was crucial in deciding where to use our limited marketing budget. We can see what ad sold every order. That was an essential missing piece for high ROAS.

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About Us

Funnel9 is a digital ad attribution company based in San Clemente, California.

We specialize in Shopify-based e-Commerce stores spending $10K+ per month on digital advertising, particularly on Google and Facebook. We are in a unique position with custom technology to help these types of stores analyze their spending, shifting dollars from underperforming ads and campaigns to those with the highest ROAS.

Funnel9 was founded by two serial tech entrepreneurs, Ian and Josh, who were tired of digital marketing dollars going to waste with ad tech platforms that provided minimal visibility to what was truly converting. We wanted a better experience for our business and yours, turning precious digital marketing dollars into sales that pay the bills.


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